How Hope & Olive Partners With Our Network Artists

We have approved permanent makeup artists from around the country who are ready to serve you. This is a basic overview of how we work with some of the most respected, professional permanent makeup artists to bring you the best, most reliable service.

Step One

Hope & Olive receives donations from businesses and individuals in the community. This includes funds raised from fundraisers, as well as individual donations.

Step Two

Recipient Applications are received from across the US. The Hope & Olive board thoroughly reviews applications monthly.

Step Three

Once the board has contacted the approved recipients, the artist is provided with the list of recipients in their area. The artist then provides a free service consultation to those potential recipients.

Step Four

Once the service has been completed within the guidelines of Hope & Olive, the artist will receive a payment covering the cost of the service performed.

Do you have additional questions?

The above is a basic overview of the steps followed to complete a service as a Network Artist. If you are already a Network Artist, more detailed information will be provided to you. If you have additional questions, we ask that you please Contact Us and we will help you.

If you are interested in joining the Hope & Olive Artist Network, please fill out our online application.