How Hope & Olive Partners With Our Network Artists

We have approved permanent makeup artists from around the country who are ready to serve you. This is a basic overview of how we work with some of the most respected, professional permanent makeup artists to bring you the best, most reliable service.

Step One

Hope & Olive receives donations from businesses and individuals in the community. This includes funds raised from fundraisers, individual or business business, as well as our annual campaign.

Step Two

Recipient Applications are received from across the US. The Hope & Olive Applicant Review Committee thoroughly reviews applications monthly.

Step Three

Once the board has contacted the approved recipients, the artist is provided with the list of recipients in their area. The artist then provides a free service consultation to those potential recipients.

Step Four

The Artist works with the Recipient to schedule and complete the service.

Network Artist FAQ

When will my application be reviewed?

The Hope & Olive Inc. board of directors has a committee that reviews artist applications monthly. The committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month to review the prior month’s applications; therefore, please allow 60-90 days for a response.

Am I reimbursed for the work I do through Hope & Olive Inc?

No, the artists in our network agree that this is a volunteer opportunity; therefore, the time and materials used to serve a recipient are 100% gifted. With Hope & Olive Inc. being a 501(c)3 nonprofit, artists are able to write off their material contributions if they choose to do so.

How will I know what to do once I am approved?

Once approved, you will receive an email and/or phone call from a member of the Hope & Olive Inc. network artist committee letting you know next steps. You will also receive an email with a Hope & Olive Inc. Membership Agreement. Once the agreement is signed and returned to us you will receive another email with a few videos explaining additional information. 

Are all artists who apply approved for the Hope & Olive Inc. artist network?

No, not all artists who apply are approved for membership. Hope & Olive Inc. has set standards for membership, as our artists are working with those who have gone through cancer, have alopecia, trichotillomania, are burn or human trafficking survivors, etc.; therefore, our 501(c)3 approval was contingent upon set standards to ensure quality in service.

How does the Hope & Olive Inc. artist committee decide who is approved or denied?

The Hope & Olive Inc. network artist committee has a standard rubric that is followed to ensure that all artists are reviewed in the same, respectable manner. We also rely heavily on the social media pages and websites of interested artists. We are not only looking for quality work, but a clean, sanitary and inviting environment for our recipients, as well as quality of images.

Is there a fee for artist membership?

No, there are no fees associated with Hope & Olive Inc. artist membership. When applying for membership, our artists know that they are agreeing to donate their time, talent and materials for tray setups or aftercare items. Our recipients receive services at no cost to them, and our artists donate their time – it’s that simple!

Can an artist make a donation to Hope & Olive Inc. if they are in the network? What do the donations to Hope & Olive Inc. fund?

Yes! Even though the board, its committee members, and our artists are all 100% volunteer, we still receive donations to cover our annual retreat as well as some overhead expenses. Not only do our recipients receive the PMU service at no cost, but we also have the opportunity to have them be poured into and participate in our annual retreat. The first annual retreat will be in the summer of 2022 in Green Bay, WI.

Why would I want to be in the Hope & Olive Inc. artist network rather than just donate my services on my own?

Hope & Olive Inc. is an approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; therefore, any donation to us is tax deductible. Also, we have a standard process for recipients to apply for a service just like we do for artists to be in our network. Hope & Olive Inc. has an entire board of directors committed to sending deserving recipients to you so you can spend your time running your business as you normally do. Hope & Olive Inc. is a respected, reputable organization in various communities around the United States. Hope & Olive Inc. still recommends that artists donate services outside of Hope & Olive Inc. as they see fit to continue to pay it forward.

Do you have additional questions?

The above is a basic overview of the steps followed to complete a service as a Network Artist. If you are already a Network Artist, more detailed information will be provided to you. If you have additional questions, we ask that you please Contact Us and we will help you.

If you are interested in joining the Hope & Olive Artist Network, please fill out our online application.