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Our Hope & Olive Board of Directors is the foundation of our organization. We work as one to build Hope & Olive and grow our family of Recipients and Artists. Our board meets monthly to review all Hope & Olive business. Everyone plays in integral role in our success!

We are currently searching for a Vice President and other support roles. If you feel as though you may be qualified, please complete our Volunteer Application.

I love being a part of the Hope & Olive family because I love serving others through the gift of permanent makeup! As the H&O founder and president, as well as in being one of the artists in our network, I am honored to work with other women who support our mission. The Hope & Olive family is truly unique, and I love being a part of a sisterhood of women who love to serve and give back to their community!

Jill Ullmer

President & Founder

Having an extensive Financial and Accounting background, I was asked to join Hope & Olive, an organization that truly cares for others. God has blessed me during my dark times of living with Essential Tremors and procedures to have met Jill for cosmetic care myself. As I teach my three teenagers every day, it is our duty to give back and help others remember their worth, have faith and most of all persevere! YOU GOT THIS and are NEVER alone!

Jodi Meyer


I am honored to be a part of the Hope & Olive family. Seeing the difference we make in the lives of our Recipients is truly an amazing experience. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be involved in an organization that makes a positive impact for everyone involved.

Michelle Nuhlicek

Director of Marketing

I am happy to be a part of the Hope & Olive family because I get to be a small part of making what can be dark times in a recipients’ life a little brighter.

Katrina Mayer

Director of Applicant Services

I have often felt that time is a valuable gift to give away, knowing you will not have those moments in time back again. The opportunity to gift my time in the form of Hope, to an individual who has managed through unfortunate circumstances is my why. As a family, we know every day is a fresh start to serve and love one another by giving back through our time, talent, and actions.

Sarah Deutsch

Director of Fundraising